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Group Home Service

Adults and Veterans

Working in partnership with other housing associations to provide support for disabled veteran battling mental health conditions

Helping Mental Wellness

We are a non-profit organization creating an inclusive community through meaningful work and relationships, education, quality housing, and a sense of belonging.  We collaborate with people and organizations in the broader community to educate and eliminate the stigma around mental illness while championing mental wellness.

I’m a certified nursing assistant with a goal to help those who can’t help themselves. I founded and established Home of Comfort in 2018, based on my brother who is a disabled veteran battling mental health conditions. 
HOC services various locations throughout DFW, providing care to the aged, disabled and individuals with intellectual developmental disabilities, ages 25 to 65 years of age.



We help veterans, communities and organizations by raising funds to better the lives of older adults facing a broad range of mental health issues, reduce the burden on families, provide necessary facilities and housing and creating awareness. Any need is not too small or too great. We believe in creating change.


Our network and community (both private and public) is important because this allows us to give more support. We are always looking for volunteers and partnerships. You can visit the contact us section of this website or email


Home Comfort Association is mandated to filter funds within Texas to veterans, individuals and organizations to meet the greatest needs surrounding Mental Health. You can visit the contact us section of this website or email to request funds, express your need and how Association can help.

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